Canepro humic acid liquid fertilizer


Package: 5L
Appearance: dark brown liquid
The main indicators: NPK total ≥20%, humic acid ≥3%, water insoluble matter ≤5%, surfactant: spreading agent, penetrant, wetting agents and irrigation additives
Standard: NY1106-2010


  • Organic and inorganic combination: humic acid to form hydrogen bonds with additives, organic and inorganic binding stability, no flocculation, not hierarchical;
  • High utilization of nutrients: humic acid with adsorption, speaking into a stable state chelate inorganic nutrients, reduce losses and improve nutrient utilization.


  • With a high activity of humic acid, can quickly carry a variety of nutrients transported to various parts of the plant, can reduce salinization, forming aggregate structure, increase soil cushioning properties, provide a favorable environment for root growth.
  • Can improve root vigor, root delay aging, shorten Huanmiao time, humic acid to maintain soil moisture, reduce the loss of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium activation fixed to improve nutrient utilization, can improve soil structure, increase soil aeration, water retention, Paul fertilizer and other properties.
  • Containing inorganic balanced nutritional formula, promote crop differentiation, flowering and pollination, promote fruit formation and enlargement.
  • Targeted, instant instant, no residue, absorption, quick, has put strong strain, swelling fruit fast, enriched fast, even coloring, good taste, a distinctive feature of the city in the morning, for efficient agricultural production.


  • Fruit trees: apples, pears, citrus, orange, grapefruit, banana, mango, litchi, longan, papaya, etc.
  • Vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, melons, beans, leafy vegetables and so on.
  • The product is suitable for all regions of the lawn, field, greenhouse crops, as well as a variety of flowers, herbs and so on.


  • Drip: the amount per acre 5-10kg, the use of crop growth period 3-5 times (diluted 500-800 times).
  • Watered fertilization: 5-fold dilution with water evenly flushes with water, the amount per acre for 5-10kg, increase the application rate of growth in the latter part.
  • Irrigating: diluted 10 times around the roots of irrigation facilities, administered once every 7-10 days.
  • Applicator: before the next rain or irrigation before this product applicator evenly into the soil surface.
  • With nitrogen or nitrogen fertilizer combined application better

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