Lesaffre group, the world number 1 in yeast field, founded in 1853, has a history of over 160 years.
The main raw material of Canepro is yeast fermentation broth, we get the canepro by process such as evaporation concentration and spray drying etc. Canepro is rich in organic matters and fulvic acid which is far exceeded other similar or competing products.
Fulvic acid , which comes from the natural humus, is a kind of plant growth regulators . It can promote plant growth, improve plant resistance and yield and quality. With the compeletly soluble, more functional group, smaller molecular weight ang more content,Canepro fulvic acid is more efficiency, higher activity, easier absorbable.


Canepro products prove to be natural, organic,safety and pollution, which have passed the EU certification by standard of NF U42-001.Moreover, the products are rich in organic matters (stable from 70% to 80%), fulvic acid (from 50% to 60%) and the potassium is from 10% to 13%.



Canepro products can be used in drip-irrigation model with the feature of compeletly soluble,light colour like coffee, no coking, no carbonization, nutrition kept. As for the stability, the concentrated solution proves to be no flatulence, no secondary fermentation, no sediment. As for the technology, we use the equipment with food grade of all stainless steel and the imported centrifuges with high speed, which can spray the powder instantaneously. By this way, we get the products with small partical size and keep the nutrition stayed.



Canepro fulvic acid can regulate the proportion of the macroelement and the medium element, improving the enzyme activity. In this way , the content of starch , protein , fat and vitamin will increased , improving the yield and boosting taste. So welcome to use our products and you will find the agricultural products with our fertilizer be more tasty and higher yield. Generally , field crops 20% more , melons and vegetables are 30% and root-tuber crops are 35% increased.


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