Lesaffre Agritech

Lesaffre Agritech, as a trusted partner, want to anticipate and fulfill our customers’ needs providing them with highest quality products but also keeping in mind the development and protection of the environment.. The products we create are natural and organic, which not only fulfill the needs of plants and animals but also better for the environment sustainable development.

key figures:

  • A dedicated team of 13 persons
  • Over 200 KMt products sold all over China
  • More than 20 different products
  • 5 advanced formulated products launched in 2015

Our business:

  • To find within the range of fermentation products, the best bioprotection and biostimulation solutions for crops.

Our history:

  • Develop the production of Derivative products (mainly Agro-product) several decades ago, during the 1950’s and the 1960’s.
  • At this period Lesaffre has decided to favor the preservation of the environment, a fraction of raw materials (from products of farming) has been collected to be reuse as an Agro product, a source of natural nutrients for a wide range of cultivated crops.
  • Lesaffre has a considerable experience and has developed its expertise in this activity as several hundreds of thousands tons of Lesaffre’s agro products have been used and are still used successfully worldwide.
  • Lesaffre entered into plant care field by acquiring several companies in early 2014.

Our solutions:

  • Yeasts, bacteria, fungi, and yeast products, used in combination or alone, to improve crop yields and protect from the specific diseases affecting each type of crop.

Advantages for our customers:

  • Our customers receive comprehensive solutions: products, agronomic studies, recommendations on formulation and use, and more.
  • Offer reliable and safe products for the environment, users and consumers
  • Contribute to the reduction of chemical inputs while improving crop yields and the production quality

Our products